Thursday, January 15, 2009

Patrick McGoohan 1928 - 2009

From 1983, here's a premature, if that's the right word, tribute -- post-punk popsters The Times and "I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape."

What can I tell you -- I thought he was pretty much the coolest guy ever, and he was, in fact, the one celebrity I always wanted to meet. I have more to say in honor of McGoohan over at Box Office today; I wouldn't think ill of you if you were moved to go over there and leave a comment.


Kid Charlemagne said...
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Kid Charlemagne said...

You beat me to the punch Steve! Actually, I have a single of this song done by the Teenage Filmstars (the precursor to the Times) in 1980 that is has different take of the song. A fave song of mine. This also appears on an 1980s British comp or psych revival bands called "A Splash of Colour" that is worth seeking out. Be seeing you!!!

dave™© said...

A couple of guys in the comments to McGoohan's obit at talked about running into him in Santa Monica in the 80s. One guy, who was a big Prisoner fan, was working in a camera shop when McGoohan came in to buy something. As he started to leave, this guy blurted out "Be seeing you!" and then apologized to McGoohan because "you must hear that all the time." McGoohan just laughed and whirled around and said "YOU must be Number One!" Another guy talked about him coming in to a local bar every morning and having a couple of scotches while he read the paper. He said McGoohan would be more than happy to talk about anything with the patrons - except his career.

steve simels said...


Thanks -- I was positive I remembered an earlier punk era version of that song...Now that you mention, I think I actually had the 45.

TMink said...

The Prisoner is available free at The quality is decent, if you are a fan and do not own them on discs, give it a look.