Thursday, January 08, 2009

Washed My Feet in Muddy Water

Anybody catch Okkerville River on Letterman last night?

The clip isn't on YouTube yet, but here's the most recent official video.

In any case, I found them...frustrating. Like a lot of current, critically acclaimed bands that seem to be designed with my mind in mind they struck me as just almost good. Everything seems to be there -- attitude, songwriting chops, an attractive overall sound, plus(in Greil Marcus' apt phrase) a hunger for novelty balanced with a reverence for the past -- but there's something indefinable missing.

For me, anyway.


TMink said...

Listening to that song, the emotions of the singers seem kind of distant. I do not care for the first singer's voice and phrasing, but aside from that, if you contrast this clip with Johnny and Bruce, these guys look like they are on ludes!


Noam Sane said...

My-head-is-a-TV thing? it's been done. "can't hurry love" beat? it's been done. crappo self-important songwriting? Plenty of that around.

I don't notice a hunger for novelty. Attention, maybe. Good luck with that.

steve simels said...

The were a lot better live. They were enjoying the hell out of themselves, and it was infectious.

But it still didn't really work for me.

Anonymous said...

The music is boring,univolving, they ain't the Morells!!!

Thanks Steve


Anonymous said...

Involving. I bet they spell better then me.


MBowen said...

Production seems to be a little flat, the singers really aren't that good, the words don't match the melody all that well, and, yeah, there's just a little bit of that magic oomph missing.