Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Davy Jones 1945 -- 2012

The cutest Monkee seems to have died of a heart attack today.

Here's his big number (with Toni Basil) from Head, the most underrated rock movie of all time.

Damn, I feel really old, suddenly.


FD13NYC said...

Wow, jeez, didn't see that one coming. I'm listening to Daydream Believer and Valleri, feeling kind of sad. I guess it really does go to show, here today, gone tomorrow. R.I.P. Davy.

Shriner said...

Not even my favorite Monkee, but I am quite saddened and now am very thankful I got to see the last Monkees tour last year (which was a *great* show...) as it'll never happen again...

66 is too young, but it'll probably start the sooner-than-later string of deaths of 60's pop stars of natural causes, unfortunately.

Brooklyn Girl said...


And yet Dick Cheney still lives.

Gummo said...

I was 10 years old when the Monkees debuted, so I was their core audience.

And I loved them! Even back in the 60s, kids weren't stupid, I realized it was just a cheesy TV knock-off of "Help!" Didn't matter -- it was fast, silly, and the songs were really good.

The Monkees were "ours", the same way the Beatles belonged to our older brothers and sisters.

RIP, Davy.

Anonymous said...

you're absolutely right about that Monkee movie.

as I recall EVERYONE'S older sister or older cousin was in mad love with the chap.

trivia I recently found out was he was on Ed Sullivan (as part of the cast from "Oliver") the night the Beatles took the country by storm.

NYMary said...

I LOVE Head, though I forgot--if I ever knew--that the dancer was Toni Basil.

And I just learned today that he was on THAT episode of Ed Sullivan. So weird.

RIP, Davy,

Anonymous said...

Here is a good online memorial for Davy. You can light a virtual candle or send virtual candles free of charge.

Marsupial said...

I saw them (or, 3/4 of them) in 1986 when the big "revival" was going on. I actually felt kind of silly at the time, going to see the Monkees 20 years down the road, but I am really glad I went to that show.

geor3ge said...

Do my ears deceive me, or was he singing "live" on the slow verse? His stage roots really shine on that clip.

Brooklyn Girl said...

And yet Dick Cheney still lives.

I found out a couple of weeks ago an old college friend died of a brain tumor. Had that same thought.

Haik Mendelovich said...

One has to give the Davy and the Monkees credit.

They could have been the Partridge Family, but they pushed to be something more.

Head is the culmination of their going outside the box when they could have just counted up the money and run.

RIP, Davy.

TMink said...

He was my favorite Monkey at the time. Actually, this website got me to re-evaluate their work and get the expanded versions of their albums. My goodness, he could do some drek, but he had a professionalism that the others lacked. As an adult, I always liked that about him.

Favorite Davy Jones song?