Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yet Another Early Clue to the New Direction: Special "But at least I have a husband" Edition)

Meant to post about this the other day during our discussion of my old colleague and chum David Klein's splendid new book If 6 Was 9, but here's a number song Dave unearthed that a) I'm embarrassed I hadn't been aware of before (given that it's on Rhino's invaluable girl group box set) and b) is just fricking incredible.

From 1966, please enjoy Toni Basil (yes her, the MTV-era irritant) and the astounding B-side that is "I'm 28."

Toni Basil - I'm 28 .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

I'm 28, it's getting late
What have I got to do?
My time is going, my fears are growing,
My chances now are few
Lacquers, lotions, sprays and potions
Scented, unguent, mild and pungent
Lipstick, pancake, shadow for the eyes...
It's all been advertised
But... it's getting me nowhere

I'm 28, it's getting late
What have I got to do?
My time is going, my fears are growing
My chances now are few
Dress revealing, sex appealing
Fur and feather, suede and leather,
Naughty, haughty, sure to glamorize...
It's all been advertised
But... it's getting me nowhere

It's nice to be respectable,
Saintly, sweet and fair
But I don't want to finish off alone...
In a rocking chair

I'm 28, it's getting late
What have I got to do?
I should add, and for the record, that the man(!) who wrote this remarkable post-Lesley Gore proto-feminist classic was the absolutely incredible Graham Gouldman, author of more great songs than I can enumerate, beginning with "Look Through Any Window" and "Bus Stop."

And as Dave puts it in the book, "In a kinder and wiser alternate universe, Toni Basil would be more famous for 'I'm 28' than the rah-rah, mutton-dressed-as-lamb paean to anal that is 'Mickey.' What a pity."

In any case, a coveted PowerPop No-Prize will be awarded to the first reader who gleans the song's relevance to the theme of tomorrow's Weekend Listomania.


geor3ge said...

Well, I'm going for the obvious: before they were famous?

My Turing test words: ductesi entaisa, which I once tried on a bet in Edinburgh.

edward said...

Hope I Die Before I Get Old: Songs about being old by people we would now consider to be kids?

Songs about makeup and or fashion?

Singers named after herbs?

FD13NYC said...

Let's see... Unknown good looking girls who could sing and were cast in movies, albeit small roles, like in Five Easy Pieces and Easy Rider.

The song isn't bad. A little draggy and dirge sounding. I never liked that Mickey crap. Although she was hot in that cheerleader getup.

steve simels said...

She can also be glimpsed as one of the dancers in THE TAMI SHOW, along with her friend Teri Garr.

She's had a really interesting career; she must have some excellent stories, is my guess.

Shriner said...

And, she was the dancer with Davy Jones in the "Daddy's Song" number in Head.

This post reminds me I should dig out that Girl Group box set one of these days. Not to go off on a tangent about that set, but I think you should write about the terrible, terrible "Peanut Duck" song on that set...

steve simels said...

Peanut Duck?

I'm not hep to that one...

Gummo said...

Songs about aging and mortality?

steve simels said...

Oh, and BTW -- no to all guesses so far.

Elroy said...

Artists named after spices (or other cooking ingredients)?

So you might include Salt 'n Pepa, Midnight Cooking Oil, and ...?

Brooklyn Girl said...


Not crazy about the song, myself, but those 1960s English girls had a certain look about them, didn't they? :-)

Blue Ash Fan said...

Can't say I dug the tune, but thanks for posting the picture.

"Paean to anal?" I must be missing something here. "Mickey?" A "paean to anal?" I simply don't hear it. This ain't "She Bop" or something.

Songs with numeric ages in the titles? Nah. Steve would never be that obvious or pedestrian. I got nothin'.

I kid you not. My test words were "xceent tityv."

Neil Finn Fan said...

Interesting song - cool melody/chord progression, double tracked vocals in the style of the time - I do remember her as Davy Jones' dance partner in "Head," with the fantastic editing.

My guess would be something to do with Leap Year, and the normal 28 days in February. Songs released on 2/29, or artists with that birthday? Or about that date?

Anonymous said...

Music by folks who should stick to dancing?


Blue Ash Fan said...

Music by folks who should stick to dancing? Wouldn't that be just about every dance pop hack out there today? It would be the longest Listomania ever.

TMink said...

Unlikely feminist anthems.


Anonymous said...

No idea about theme, but what a great mash up of girl groupiness and folk rock/social protest, with a strummy Hey You've Got To Hide Your Love Away-influenced melody.

As great as Bus Stop is, No Milk Today is my favorite Graham Gouldman song. Just not too sure what it's about.

Shriner said...

Peanut Duck in all it's glory:

Seriously, this song is the proverbial "fart in the church" on that *entire* Girl Groups box set.

steve simels said...

Okay -- the clue is "Mickey."

steve simels said...

Oh, and Shriner -- I checked out Peanut Duck.

My mind is thoroughly boggled. I may have more to say on this issue next week.

Thanks, I think.

Dave said...

Somewhere, Sly Stone and Bobby Freeman shed a tear over Peanut Duck:

Brooklyn Girl said...

Friday's post seems to have disappeared ...