Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Greatest Thing Ever Recorded

Seriously. I'm not kidding about this.

This is better than Bruno Walter's Mahler 4th, Trout Mask Replica, The Sun Sessions, Birth of the Cool and Bidu Sayao's Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5 combined.

Also all the Hot Five stuff. And whatever else undeniably classic shit that's just slipped my mind or that you like.

Seriously -- here's the shortest track from the album, posted in the hopes that the copyright police won't shut us down.

A live version of "Don't Make My Baby Blue," written by the great Mann-Weill team and more familiar from the studio take on Shazam. And let's be frank -- if these guys had ever played New York City, they would have been (justifiably) bigger than a certain band featuring that Jimmy Page or whatever his name was.

Seriously -- stop reading now and just go over to Amazon and order a copy here.

Have I mentioned that this album is the greatest thing ever recorded? Seriously?


cthulhu said...

Greater than Tonio K.'s "Life in the Foodchain"? :-)

buzzbabyjesus said...

All I can muster is Wow.

steve simels said...

Greater than Tonio K.'s "Life in the Foodchain"? :-)

Okay, not as great as that.

I regret the error.

TigerSoul said...

Curious: what, in particular, backs up your claim of this being the 'greatest thing ever recorded"?

Maude Lange said...

I'm a HUGE Move fan, though I've been holding off on this for some reason. But if you say so.

A later incarnation was booked to open for The Kinks at the Hollywood Palladium in 1972(ish) - there's even a photo of the marquee floating around somewhere - but instead we ended up with Rory Gallagher as the opener. Oh what might have been . ...

Anonymous said...

love Frankie Laine's "Don't Make My Baby Blue," great Terry Melcher produced track. Got lots of airplay on WLS Chicago.

steve simels said...

The Shadows version is probably where the Move learned it from. It's really great too -- go check it out on YouTube.

pete said...

Wow! Is that Carl Wayne singing?