Monday, December 31, 2012

It's New Year's Eve Day: Hey, 2012 -- You're Outta Here!!!

Submitted for your approval -- an utterly adorable video (I was under the impression it was done by a fan, but now it seems it's the official one) for "Nobody Knows Me at All" by The Weepies. Yes, the same band whose "All That I Want" prompted me to put up a perhaps overly sappy Christmas post on several occasions here over the years.

In any case, I think I posted the clip above most recently on New Year's Eve day of 2008, so think of it as a return to an ongoing PowerPop tradition.

And say what you will about these guys (including that singer Deb Talan has the cutest, most affecting suburban voice in contemporary pop) I think it's safe to say that they write the best bridges since Lennon and McCartney. Seriously -- that little bit beginning with "But oh...when the lights are low" opens the song up like Cinemascope.

Have a great time later, everybody.

And remember -- if you're out on your bike tonight, wear white.

Evening, all.


steve simels said...

Hey -- if you think this one is sappy, wait till you see what I'm posting tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Really, we don't forget the enjoyment of New Year’s Eve experience. It's such an interesting news for celebrating New Year's Eve in Seattle.

Unknown said...

Happy New Year - Steve, Mary, Kid and all of the Powerpop commenters - thanks for making this a great blog!

Like the Weepies track...

BTW, if you haven't seen 'Color Me Obsessed', a rock doc about the Replacements yet, it's available online here - I really enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

You're spot-on about the bridges.