Monday, January 29, 2018

I Don't Think This Was What President Malevolent Chauncey Gardiner Was Thinking About When He Dissed the Leader of North Korea

And speaking, as we were on Friday, of sci-fi themed rock -- from 1962, please enjoy The Spotnicks (aka The Shadows or The Ventures of Sweden) and "The Rocket Man," a fairly bizarre adaptation of the old Russian folk-song "Meadowland."

I forget when I discovered these guys -- sometime in the late 60s, I think, because a friend had one of their import LPs -- but I am occasionally of the opinion that they were the all-time snazziest dressers in rock.

I was also amused to learn that English drummer Jimmy Nicol -- the footnote to history who filled in for an ailing Ringo Starr for a few shows at the height of Beatlemania -- had been briefly a member of The Spotnicks at some point.


Billy B said...

That's some real hep choreography.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Devo stole their choreography. And their dress code.