Friday, November 30, 2018

Short People Got No Reason to Live

From 2018 and the just released Paul Williams tribute album White Lace and Promises...

...please enjoy the incomparable Cait Brennan and her fabulous one-person cover of "An Old Fashioned Love Song."

Faithful readers will recall that I was lucky enough to discover Cait's music...

...back in 2016, upon the release of her genius debut album Debutante.

This new track, which as I mentioned features Cait performing all the instrumentals and vocals, can (and should) be pre-ordered from indie label Curry Cuts over HERE.

And BTW, if you can't get the player to work, here's a link that should work:

Have a great weekend, everybody!!!

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Anonymous said...

That's way cool. Going to pre-order the album now.