Monday, November 19, 2018

This Getting Old Shit is Really Starting to Piss Me Off

Singer/songwriter/guitar virtuoso and all around great guy Peter Spencer...

...a genius friend of mine from our old days in Greenwich Village, is in the hospital awaiting triple bypass surgery after a heart attack on Thursday.

Here's "Casanova's Waltz," one of my favorite songs from his quite amazing catalogue.

Yes once I had money and lovers
Once I had teeth in my jaw
But why have adventures except when you're old to tell stories
That fill your companions with awe?

I shall die here of boredom
I shall die here of boredom

Get better soon, Pete. We here at PowerPop are lighting multiple metaphorical candles for your speedy recovery.


Bill Spencer said...

Let me please give you a match for one of those candles. We're all pulling for him, big time.

Anonymous said...


If you see this, my thoughts are with you!!!

I'll play something of yours on the show tomorrow!

Get well!

Captain Al

Anonymous said...

I attended a fundraiser event a few years ago for which Mr. Spencer was hired as entertainment. In the interest of being crowd friendly, I suppose, he played mostly Beatles covers, and, while I like the Beatles enough, that's the kind of thing that would usually send me directly to an exit. I'd much rather have heard his own stuff, but fact is he was very enjoyable, playing the songs in a way that displayed their greatness and was not ever smarmy or cloying. Hope he gets well soon.

calebzia said...

Saw him yesterday. He's walking and talking and seems to be in good spirits considering. He's scared just like we are but we spencers are quite stubborn and of vigorous constitution. (saying that because it sounds like something my dad would say....also it's true) He made sure to express gratitude for everybody's kindness and caring. Also he tried to talk opera with the chaplain.....classic.