Thursday, November 08, 2018

This Guy's a Fricking Genius

Mike Viola, ladies and germs.

I've been a fan since his work on Tom Hanks' That Thing You Do, but this one, which I hadn't heard till recently, is really really amazing. And for some reason, it seemed oddly relevant to the events of this week.

[h/t Frank Burrows]


Anonymous said...

On my first listen to his new album, I wasn't really sure if the download service had screwed up (or I did) and downloaded the wrong album. THIS was Mike Viola?!?! This was the same man that made Lurch, Pure McCartney, and was a member of The Major Labels and the Candy Butchers?!?!

Well, yes it is. This is his coming of age (middle age) album and it's a man who bares his soul about his life, career, friend, family, fans, etc. No bouncy pop tunes, though there are a few elements of pop that show up briefly in some of the songs, the strength of this album is in the lyrics. Raw and emotional throughout most of it. There are few lyrics that sneak in here and there that show a little of the joy and love he's experienced in life, but they are not the main focus of this album.

And the music fits each song perfectly. This is not an album to be put on as background music while doing other things. It demands your attention and if you LISTEN to it, it's a very rewarding experience. Rick

Sal Nunziato said...

Amazing record! Wrote this in July:

Ken J Xenozar said...

Agree. Great album. Not what I expected, but wow, it dark and honest. This song in particular seems like the source of lots of therapy. Not sure if I discovered Mike Viola through you or Sal, but really indebted. One of my faves of the last several years.

Unknown said...