Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Webslingers Rule!!!

From his forthcoming album, please enjoy Shaun Johnson & the Big Band Experience...

...and perhaps the coolest ever version of the "Spiderman Theme."

Yeah, I know it's a little on the wink-wink side, as is much of the rest of the album, which includes similarly ironic covers of tunes by The Mavericks and Elvis Presley. But as you can hear, Johnson -- who first came to public attention with the multi-million selling a cappella group, Tonic Sol-fa -- has enough serious vocal chops that the album successfully skirts the edge of camp and works on its own swinging terms.

Capitol will drop, as the kids say, on June 21. In the meantime, you can -- and should -- pre-order it over at Amazon HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Just say "NO" to bullshit like this!!!

Self righteous Captain Al

PS: Steve Ditko Lives!!!