Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Covers Week Has Risen From the Grave! (Part Four): Special "In the Autumn of My Madness" Edition

From 2002, please enjoy that old lemon squeezer Robert Plant and his splendid cover of Moby Grape's magnificent "Skip's Song" (a/k/a "Seeing").

The definitive version of this is on Moby Grape 69; Plant is actually covering an earlier Grape demo that first appeared on Columbia/Legacy's now criminally out of print Grape box set, and you can read what I had to say about it back in the day at the Magazine Formerly Known as Stereo Review on page 92 HERE.

In any case, Plant (to his credit) is a huge Grape fan; this is actually the second cover he did of their stuff (the earlier is the wonderful "Naked If I Want To"). I don't think either of them live up to the originals, but hopefully the royalties helped their composer Skip Spence at the end of his troubled life.


Billy B said...

Nice guitars.

Robert has has a nice career post-Zep.

Mark said...

Your Stereo Review piece on Moby Grape is one sweet read, and it made me think whether any top-notch bands have ever had third acts.

Anonymous said...

Really sweet!

If I didn't dislike Led Zeppelin so much I'd probably give Plant a fair shake and listen to his really good solo career much more closely with much more enjoyment.

Clearly it's my loss but Zep irritates me so much on so many levels. If Zep had have the success on the level of "say" Uriah Heap maybe I'd cut them more of a break, but their being worshipped as the best rock & roll act of all time is too wacky for words!!! Yes I said it: WACKY!!!

Anyway Plant really has have an excellent solo career I just (at my loss) don't dig that deeply into it.

So Captain tell us how you really feel!

Captain Al

Anonymous said...

Captain Al, sir, you have expressed my feelings on the subject perfectly.

pete said...

The above comment was by me.