Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Who Listens to the Radio?

Hopefully you guys, as I'm gonna be on friend of PowerPop Capt. Al's show Lost at Sea this morning on fabulous Area 24 Radio.

True to my word, I'm gonna be playing music by somebody other than me -- specifically another friend of PowerPop, Joe Benoit, who had a record release party and gig over the weekend that I attended and dug the hell out of.

(Yes, I'm really tired -- rocking out two days in a row really takes it out of me.)

In any case, the show should be a lot of fun; it starts circa 11am EST (I'll be making my appearance around 11:30) and you can listen to it over HERE by clicking on the link that says Tune In.

Oh -- and you can (and should) download Joe's gorgeous new album Too Old to Be a Rock Star over HERE.

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