Monday, July 13, 2020

Annals of Interior Redecorating

I love the title of this album. Wallpaper of Sound indeed.

The music, as you can hear from this representative track, is another story, alas.

Not The Searchers finest moment obviously, but if it came on my car radio, I wouldn't turn it off.

Here's the complete track listing -- I must admit, I'm kind of curious about the Long John Baldry thing.

1. To know her is to love her / Robb Storme & The whisperers
2. Spanish harlem / Jimmy Justice
3. First Teast Of love / Migil 5
4. Some Kinda Wonderful/ Johnny Sandon
5. I’m Counting on you / Petula Clark
6. Bless You / Peter London
7. I love How you love me / Marie Gordon price
8. Twist And Shout / Searchers
9. he Knows I Love him Too Much / Glo Marcari
10. Ecstasy / Oliver reed
11. He’ a rebel / Breakaways
12. Up on The roof / Jimmy Justice
13. Chapel of love / Cadets
14. Da Doo Ron Ron / Searchers
15. Here She Comes/ Breakaways
16. Be My Baby / Searchers
17. Goodnight Baby / Searchers
18. You baby / Jackie Trent
19. You’re lost that loving feeling / Barbra Ann
20. The coldest night of the year / Twice as much & vashti
21. Born to be together/ P.P Arnold
22. Is this what I get for loving you baby/ Twice as much
23. Home of the Brave / peanut
24. I’ll take you where the musics playing / Pat Lynch
25. Hungry / 5 A.M. Event
26. Goin Back / Jackie Trent
27. River deep Mountain High/ Long John Baldry

You should be able to download the album for free over HERE; if it doesn't work, you can get it at AMAZON for a reasonable twenty bucks or so.

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MarginAlt said...

sounds more like a tribute to the Everly Brothers imo
not bad!