Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Your Tuesday Moment of Why Isn't This Guy a Freaking Household World?

From 1990, please enjoy the genius that is Peter Blegvad and the greatest story song ever written by anybody "King Strut."  
I'm not kidding about this -- if there's a better song of its ilk than this, I haven't heard it. And I've been around. 

 I should add that apart from being a brilliant songsmith, Blegvad is a hot guitarist -- that's him playing lead on the above, which should give you an idea -- and he's had a separate career as...wait for it...a cartoonist. 

 Nobody should be allowed to be that talented,is what I'm getting at.


edward said...

Took awhile, but figured out that it reminds me of this:

Stu said...

Even more reminiscent of another T Bone song


BG said...

The guitar is gorgeous. And his voice reminds me of Lou Reed.