Friday, May 20, 2022

Got Live if You Want It. Finally!!!


Dig a club version of Chuck Berry's "Around and Around." The studio version of which originally opened The Rolling Stones' 1964 12 X 5.

And (originally) from their It's Only Rock 'n' Roll album in 1974, please enjoy a killer live take on Jagger/Richards' oh so cool, catchy and funny reggage-influenced "Luxury."

Okay, the backstory in case you've missed it

In 1977, the Stones put out a double LP in-concert album called Love You Live...

...that pretty much nobody (including me) liked; most of it was recorded in arenas, with lousy sound, the Andy Warhol cover art was lazily tossed-off crap, and the performances were way less than stellar.

LP side three, however, derived from a small club show the Stones had done in Toronto as a warm up for the tour that produced the other sides of dreck, and that club stuff was fricking amazing. And for years, people have been pining for an official release of that whole intimate show.

Et voila! The two tracks above, which derive from said intimate show, and are now from the Stones' new-found (and previously unreleased) masterpiece Live at the El Mocambo 1977.

I should add that said artifact is now one of my two favorite Stones live albums of all time, and -- even more impressively -- one of my four favorite live albums of all time by anybody. (I leave it to you to guess what the other two are).

Have I said wow? Okay -- wow!!!

Have a great weekend, everybody!!!


danny1959 said...

Mick Jagger added the pencil lines to the cover art himself, and Warhol hated it.

edward said...

Are you telling me Amazon stole its logo from a bad Andy Warhol Rolling Stones jacket from 1977? Amazing
/s said...

This is what the Beatles could have been with longevity. While I am loathe to admit it, the Stones might be the best live band ever.

Gummo said...

Just picked up the El Mocambo set a couple of days ago - it lives up to all the hype, easily. Killer set.

elroy said...

Is there a Tonio K. live album? ;)

Unknown said...

Predict Steve's taste? Best List-O-Mania ever! I assume you're talking about "official" releases, so this jaw-dropping Little Feat boot would not qualify - - but let's see ... Get Your Ya-Yas Out has to be on there but I'm drawing a blank on the rest. Any of these?

Amazing Grace - Aretha Franklin
Rock Of Ages - the Band
Kiko Live - Los Lobos
Beach Boys in Concert
Full House - J. Geils Band

steve simels said...

Tonio K? I have no idea, but for bizness reasons I have to get in touch with Tonio momentarily, and I'll ask him.

pete said...

forgot to leave my identity above - apologies

Anonymous said...

The Live Tonio K live album was on Gladfy: 16 Tons of Monkeys (2001).

Good old Wikipedia!!!

Doctored Captain Al

steve simels said...

I'd forgotten about that -- thanks!

The Kenosha Kid said...

Five Live Yardbirds

The other one is probably one of those too cool for school only-rock-critics-know things like Big Star or Badfinger.

Alzo said...

J. Geils Band: Full House
Slade Alive said...

Full House and Rock of Ages both great recordings - I owned both when released.
In addition - Waiting for Columbus a great album.
I got to see Little Feat after Lowell passed - not the same band.

FD13NYC said...

Ya Ya's is their best Live album.

FD13NYC said...

But this does sound mighty good!