Friday, May 13, 2022

Rock Meets Optometry (and Then They Both Go Out to Le Bernardin for a Seafood Lunch)

From just now in 2022, please enjoy incomparable singer/songwriter (and friend of PowerPop) Cait Brennan and her fabulous new cover version of the hard-rock classic "Open My Eyes," (written by Todd Rundgren, who was doing business at the time with The Nazz).

Attentive readers will recall that I first wrote abouve Cait -- who, BTW, has an interesting backstory; let's just say she's quite a gal -- on the occasion of the release of her fabulous first album back in 2017, and that I later raved about her upon the release of her sophomore album, which was recorded at the same Ardent Studios where her idols Big Star plied their trade.

I should add that, since then, I was fortunate enough to have her sing back-up vocals on a track -- "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere" -- from the recent Floor Models tribute to The Byrds.

I should also add -- as if you couldn't tell on your own -- that she's just great, and that the above Nazz cover -- the original, which I adore, came out back in the antedeluvian days of 1968 -- and I'm delighted that Cait (collaborating with her long time producer and multi-instrumentalist Fernando Perdomo -- did such a wonderfully radical re-imagining of it.

Have a great weekend, everybody!!!


paulinca said...

Willie! I love his album of Zimmerman covers. Caught one of his 2017 shows in which he included many Bob songs and his band just hammered them. A treat for a West Coast fan! This is a great cover.

paulinca said...

Steve, I have a friend, life long musician - first record produced by Mick Ronson, has played with Ian Hunter,, Rick Derringer...
Any how he is a young guy who has been diagnosed with spreading cancer.
I found the lyric to your Dylan cover - especially poignant- " You ain't going no where..."
Words of hope as he fights for his life