Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Die Lieden des jungen Dave Davies

From 1965, please enjoy Sir Ray's little brother Dave and his gorgeously weepy folk-rock lament "Wait 'til the Summer Comes Along."

I've been cryin all winter

I've been waiting for some good to come my way

But I'll wait tll the summer comes along

Dear lord have I done so much wrong

I've adored that song since forever for lots of reasons, not the least of which is that it's a wonderfully callow/pretentious Sensitive Kid's blues. Dave all but sobs the song's opening line, and the clear implication is that his life has been nothing but endless heartache, self-lacerating guilt and tragedy, and frankly what's the point of going on?

We note here, in passing, that the author of those Woe is Me! miserabilist lyrics was all of 17(!) at the time he wrote them. Not to mention a pop star fighting off hordes of adoring teenage girls.


JB said...

Dave, always overshadowed by his big brother but a talented songwriter in his own write.

steve simels said...

If memory serves, that’s the first Dave written song on a Kinks album.

dorethyroad@aol.com said...

Sounds a bit like Ray but in a lower register. Not quite a Kinks song but with a bit more work, maybe