Tuesday, June 18, 2024

And Speaking as We Were Last Week of Moby Grape...

...I discovered this over the weekend and it just blew my tiny mind.

That's the Grape's classic "Sittin' By the Window," written by Peter Lewis, and performed by -- hole. e. shit -- his daughter Arwen.

The short version: that's from an entire album of Grape covers Ms. Lewis did in 2015, which apparently none of you bastards ever bothered to tell me about; I have been listening to it obsessively since Sunday, and I just can't get over how wonderful it is, both in execution and conceptually.

I should add that I love that her name on the guitar case is in the same typeface as the old Grape logo. Oh, and John Sebastian (yes, him) is on another track from the record; remind me and I'll post it later in the week.


mistah charley, sb, ma, phd, jsps said...

this is a very enjoyable performance, in my humble opinion

it turns out she also has a podcast - at amazon it is asserted:

The Arwen Lewis Show features exclusive interviews with the hottest indie music artists and music royalty. Arwen inhabits our blue planet, but her beliefs belong in the celestial realm. As the daughter of Peter Lewis, founding member of rock and roll cult icons, Moby Grape, and the granddaughter of Oscar-winning actress, Loretta Young, she’s been part of the creative cosmos all her life. She’s a slice of sonic heaven, poised to enter your heart, mind, and soul.


Allan Rosenberg said...

Sweet recording of her dad's song. Arwen's version of (S)He is also nice! Going to check out more of her songs.

Here is a good spot to continue your Moby Grape story.

Captain Al

john denicola said...

Album cover photo by Henry Diltz. Tip on jacket LP . We had a lot of fun making that album.

Anonymous said...

Thats Peter holding the flag leaning against the door in the back