Wednesday, June 12, 2024

It's True -- Clothes Make the Man!

Hey -- if you had told me back in the day that some time in the future I'd be walking around in a promo shirt (decorated front and back with album covers) for a band I was once in, let's just say I would have chortled in your general direction. 😎

The short version: Floor Models fan, long-time Friend of PowerPop© and all around swell guy Phil Cheesebrough had some of those gorgeous tees made up out of the immense goodness of his heart recently. (Gerry got one too, as did a certain Shady Dame and our late drummer Glen Bob's widow Eddie.)

I should add that Phil gifted similar shirts to both Brian and Michael D'Addario, better known these days as The Lemon Twigs (who actually got onstage with the Flo Mos during our 2019 reunion gig), and I am informed they too have been known to be seen in them in public.

Wear 'em in good health, everybody, and bless you Phil -- you're a real mensch.


Gummo said...

Well, I can't afford a new one, but I'd be willing to take a floor model....

ChrisE said...

It'd be a nice happenstance if the Lemon Twigs were to wear them on one of their late night talk show appearances... :-)

ChrisE said...

Re Gummo's comment: very sly :-) :-)

Allan Rosenberg said...

Hey Phil:

What a great shirt!!! Any left for the photographer of the front cover photos? Could you make a second production run and I'll purchase one?

Captain Al