Thursday, June 27, 2024

Hey -- Any Video Shot Where They Did the Last Scenes From Them! is Okay By Me!!!

What can I tell you -- so far, the summer here in Forest Hills, a/k/a the Paris of the East Coast, has totally sucked.

Which may be why I'm so taken with "Outside Place," the brand new promo film masterpiece by veteran West Coast power pop/punk band LA DRUGZ -- by comparison, Los Angeles looks like a little bit of heaven.

I must confess I was unfamiliar with these guys until a day or two ago, but I am informed that the song itself, which as you can hear totally rocks, is ten years old. Hey, I slept through the 'teens.

In any event, as you can also plainly see, the new vid is a sly homage to the greatest film of all time, the Mike Nesmith(!)-produced cult classic Repo Man.

And as I hinted up top, I'm a total sucker for all cinematic evocations of the L.A. River -- giant ants or no.

In the meantime, you can find out more about those guys (who come off above as both natural born comedians and a kick-ass band) and order the cool original (2013) EP from whence the song derives over at the website of Hovercraft Records HERE.

And I should add that a fab gear Weekend Essay Question will be up tomorrow, and it's a little smutty.

So stay cool, everybody!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like the September schedule is more promising - Kings of Leon, Bob Marleys kids.

Anonymous said...

Homage? Yes. Sly? Nope. Repo Man. Thumbs Up.

I'd rather listen to the Exploding Hearts.

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