Thursday, June 06, 2024

Your Thursday Moment of Why Didn't I Get the Memo? (An Occasional Series)

From 1966, please enjoy (arguably the inventors of Power Pop) The Who and their astonishing cover of The Everly Brothers(!)' 1964 "The Man With the Money."

Dunno how I'd missed that previously; it appeared for the first time on the super expanded version of the A Quick One album in 1995, and I was alive back then. In any event, I must confess that I was totally unaware of it until I stumbled across it by chance yesterday.


Meanwhile, here's the Everly's (slightly differently titled) original which I just looked up. Don and Phil wrote the song, BTW.

I dunno how I missed that one either.

Have I mentioned wow?


steve simels said...

Testing.1 2 3, is this thing on?😝

cthulhu said...

No doubt that Townshend coined the term “power pop”, and their mid-60s studio work is clearly a major influence on what power pop became in the early 70s.

The Fabulous Poodles version or “Man with Money” is fabulous indeed.

Anonymous said...

Steve you seem to listen to 2 million pieces of music a day. It’s amazing how much you do catch up with.

The Who started out as mainly a cover band so it is always cool when they recorded/covered a non Townshend song. To this day they still come up with the occasional hip cover version in concert.

The Everly Brothers wrote and recorded many great tracks in the sixties that should have been hits, Man with The Money is one example. Great track by them.

Captain Al

Anonymous said...

Pussy and Crime. As old as Eden.

The Everlys wrote it but I prefer the Who's version. More personality. The BBC version had been floating around for a while on bootlegs prior this version. But the studio version is recorded and performed better. Was delighted to see it as a bonus track on the 1995 reissue. The Eyes cut it as a single before the Who recorded theirs. It has its merits but it's not the Who.


pete said...

Why didn't they release it?

Bill said...

@cthulhu I first knew this song from the Fabulous Poodles. It's pretty power poppy, if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Of the versions mentioned I'd rank 'em as follows:

The Who
The Eyes
Everly Bros
Fabulous Poodles

Al -

Yeah, it's a pity that the Everly Brothers largely faded from the Top 40 in the Beatles era. But in the UK they were still quite popular - for a while. "Man with Money" was the flip of their cover of "Love Is Strange." The single didn't do shit in America but was number 11 in the UK. Apparently, UK mods liked the flip. And really, who wouldn't.

My favorite Everly's self-penned tune is "The Price of Love." It's a crime that this song didn't even make the Billboard Top 100. Fortunately, I lived in San Bernardino at the time where it was Top 20 with lots of airplay. In England it was deservedly Number 2.

As I've said before, John Ravenscroft (aka John Peel) was a DJ on KMEN, one of the San Bernardino Top 40 stations. He started in the 6 to 9 AM slot, eventually moving to the 6 to 9 PM slot. He also had a weekend show that featured the British Top 40 and other UK songs. Strictly what was happening in England. He played The Eyes version of "Man With Money" several times in Summer 1966.

Ravenscroft left the station March 1967. He and another DJ had been smoking pot at the station with underage girls (don't look at me!) which irked management. But, word was that the last straw was when he had police encounter in the local orange groves. They found him with weed and underage girls. With the heat on, he skipped back to England. That's the folklore anyway. By early March he had a gig in England with a late night show which would evolve into The Perfumed Garden.


Haik Mendelovich said...

Oh, you really need to see a live period version, with Keith Moon bashing away in his inimitable way, high on youth and adrenaline.