Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Friend Writes...

..."Can J. Richman and Elvis Costello be spliced? I think this guy has done it."

I think so too, so please enjoy -- from 2012 -- irrepressible New York City-based power pop guy Eytan Mirsky and the poignantly optimistic "This Year's Gonna Be Our Year."

Not as good as the Zombies tune with a similar title and sentiment, but still -- absolutely adorable, I think.

[h/t Andy "Folk Rock" Pasternack]


Shriner said...

Eytan is great. Check out his bandcamp page for more goodness...

DB said...

Totally agreed on Eytan and The Embassy -- fun stuff.

And this beats all hell out of (the late) Dan Fogelberg's contribution to the New Year's Eve genre, which made me never want to see another sunrise.

Speaking of Elvis Costello, there's a CD coming out shortly that's a tribute to him -- 50 of his songs, played by power pop bands and artists.

Among the artists on the compilation are the Rubinoos, sparkle*jets UK, Butch Walker, Matthew Sweet, Mike Viola and a whole lot of other current power poppers.

Details here:

Magic words: leading shpitme

I like "shpitme" as a word. Sounds vaguely dirty.

steves said...

I like it!

He sounds much more like someone else (other than Elvis) I've heard on the radio recently, but I can't for the life of me recall his name now.