Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wednesday Moment of Self-Indulgence (An Occasional Series): Special Beyond the Valley of the Canyons of Your Mind Edition

Here's a Floor Models outtake I almost played on last night's radio show [Theme: "Does Humor Belong in Music? And Fuck You Frank Zappa Regardless] which turned out to be a lot of fun, BTW.

The song is "Fade Into Grey," a different version of which appears on our album. This version was recorded semi-live at WBAI-FM circa 1983; ace 12-string player Andy Pasternack edited out a dramatic, sort of Police-like middle section that worked better on stage and replaced it with sitar samples from The Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows," thus giving the tune a delightfully cheesy faux psychedelic feel.

I think it's hilarious, but on balance it was probably a wise decision on my part to play a track by Spike Jones on the show in its place.

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