Wednesday, May 01, 2013

She Could Have Had Me If She'd Played Her Cards Right (An Occasional Series)

Yeah, yeah, I know this has absolutely nothing to do with the mission statement of this here blog, but cut me some slack, jack.

And so, from 1961, and an episode of the television series The Roaring 20s, please enjoy the incomparable Dorothy Provine and her definitive version of the charmingly risque Jazz Era standard "Don't Bring Lulu."

The Roaring 20s has never been on video to my knowledge, but of all the Warner Bros. shows of its time, it was by far my favorite, and the reason was pretty much down to Provine, who used to do two or three musical numbers each episode. And to describe her and them as adorable and sexy is to do a serious disservice to the words adorable and sexy. She was a proto-rock star as far as I was concerned, and I was thus gratified to discover, yesterday, that Warner Bros. Records released Provine's version of "Lulu" in England back in the day and that it was a Top 10 hit.

Be nice to me and sometime I'll post her version of "Someone to Watch Over Me," from the same episode, which is heartbreakingly poignant.

Why this woman has more or less been forgotten by history is beyond me, I'll tell you that for free.


Scotty said...

hubba hubba

FD13NYC said...

An odd entry for a PowerPop blog indeed. I always thought she was quite attractive. This tune sounds like something Carol Channing would have done, if she had a voice to begin with. I never got the popularity of that woman.