Thursday, May 30, 2013

Compare and Contrast: Special You Can't Copyright a Title Edition

From 1965, please enjoy (once again) Southern California garage punks The Lyrics and "So What!," their most blues-wailing ode to who gives a fuck.

And from 1981, who cares if you enjoy The Anti-Nowhere League and "So What!,: their completely different and defiantly foul-mouthed ode to who REALLY gives a fuck.

I really love both of these, if truth be told, and it is perhaps worth noting that the ANL "So What" was originally the B-side to the loudest, fastest cover of folkie Ralph McTell's "Streets of London" ever heard by sentient mammalian ears.

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Peter said...

By the way, my security code phrase was "STUDY eciencyl". I'd like to, but I can't find my eciencyl textbook anywhere.