Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday Consolation Track

Okay, nobody guessed that it was Warren Zevon and Bones Howe performing yesterday's mystery song, so no coveted PowerPop No-Prize© will be awarded.

However, since I'm a nice guy and because I love all of you, here's a very nice outtake version -- from the sessions for his eponymous debut album on Elektra -- of "Poor Poor Pitiful Me."

Perhaps my favorite Zevon song of them all, if truth be told.

You know, I really wish Waddy Wachtel would wear a buttoned shirt on-stage, but in the studio I guess it doesn't matter. In any case -- is he great on this or what?


Noam Sane said...

Not only is he great, he has the best rock & roll name EVER.

steve simels said...


pete said...

My second-favorite tune on this album. The favorite? "Mama Couldn't be Persuaded."

MJConroy said...

Waddy will never win a beauty pageant, but he's a helluva guitar player. One of these days I'm going go out to LA and catch one of his regular Saturday night gigs.