Friday, December 01, 2006

Donita & Jane: Part 2

Another fabulous podcast from Donita and Jane. Hear Jane talk about dogs, Paris Hilton, and her boyfriend, Sid Brown.

(IIRC, Jane was also dating Terry when they cowrote "Our Lips Are Sealed.")

(Dave, curious about what you think about Paris's people turning down Jane's "bubblegum punk" compositions for Paris.)

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Anonymous said...

Not sure if my other comment went through (go ahead and delete this one if it did). Still can't get the podcast to stream, but I believe Paris had two overall concepts for the album. The one she ultimately went with was an all-star dance/pop production thing, but the original idea (and there may have been a whole or partial album like this recorded already) was to do a bubblepunk concept, more rock oriented than the finished album (which does have a few great rock moments, nice update of "Since U Been Gone" Dr. Luke template into dance-pop, plus the great song "Screwed"). Depending on when those songs were pitched, it would make sense that they declined, but I should probably listen first.