Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday Babyblogging: Random Recreation

Rosie plays in what is supposed to be a drop of blood. Those are, err, blood cells.

SP demonstrates his mad pulling-up skillz.

Triceratops skull!
(It's resin, but so cool.)

They have a wicked cool model train at this place, partly fixed, partly moveable.

I'm going to dress the whole tribe and take a fab Christmas picture, so check back!


four legs good said...

Oh, she is getting so, so cute!! I love the top photo. SP is cute as well, in a bald kind of way. :-)

ntodd said...


Anonymous said...


Sandy-LA 90034 said...

Gorgeous babies! What a beautiful angelic expression on SP's face. Lovely!

refinnej said...

Oh the Cuteness!!!!!!!! This is going to be the cutest Christmas EVER!!

SP's got some neat-o suspenders there :)

Hugs for everyone!

Anonymous said...

Hey kiddo:

Way cute.

Oh, and BTW -- just saw the post downstairs about the Bill Lloyd album band.

Man, what I wouldn't give....

NYMary said...

Lloyd wrote me to encourage me to come to the 12/29 show. No go this time, but if they do Skylarking or Rubber Soul, I'm kidnapping you for a road trip.