Thursday, November 08, 2007

Get Your Ass Out of the Damn House!

You New York types--IPO's in town this week!

By all accounts, IPO crowds are the nicest people on the planet: we powerpop types are just big cuddlebunnies. I have read, for example, of people losing their wallets at IPO shows in major cities and getting them back intact.

Someday, when I have all the money in the world, I'm going to follow IPO the way some people followed The Dead.

And just for fun, a song from the tragically short career of Jim Ellison and Material Issue, whose seminal tune gave its name to this fabuous event (but does not seem to have a YouTube, criminally).


steve simels said...

I miss these guys a lot.

For a lot of reasons, and not just because I was in the wrong demographic, I was much more upset to hear about Ellison's suicide than I was to hear about Cobain's.

Anonymous said...

Great lineup! I wish I could see The Get Quick.