Monday, November 12, 2007

The Skeleton In Jack Sparrow's Closet

Think these guys are just another bunch of Guns N Roses wannabees?

Actually, the Rock City Angels are a little more interesting. None other than Johnny Depp played rhythm guitar with them during the period between the filming of Platoon and Edward Scissorhands; he even co-wrote a song on their album (not this one, alas).

Depp once described the band as "a cross between Howlin' Wolf and the Sex Pistols," which isn't that far off the mark, at least on the basis of this clip. Obviously legendary producer Jim Dickinson agreed; that's him at the beginning of the video, urging the band to get a little more of "that Memphis sound."


Anonymous said...

I've always said that Foghat was going to come back into style

TJWood said...

Just from seeing this clip, I'd describe them as Poison with a Tres Hombres-era ZZ Top jones. Decent enough musicianship, but so far nothing I didn't hear from Georgia Satellites. The Dickinson connection may make me want to check out more, though.

TMink said...

Foghat! That is really good, too true and too funny!

^5 Kid C.


Anonymous said...

These guys suck, a bad hair band trying to rock. The Georgia Satellites did this stuff better 20 years ago.