Monday, February 01, 2010

As Noel Coward Said, There's Something Extraordinarily Potent About Cheap Music

Here's a hopefully amusing postscript to my Weekend Listomania rant about "that clown from Spandau Ballet."

Edward Norton doing to "True" what should always have been done to "True."

Seriously, Spandau Ballet always used to strike me as being a frat party band from 1963 that was too dumb to know it. Those fricking suits...that utterly unironic lounge lizard crooning.

In any case, I haven't seen Modern Family, but if the rest of it is this funny, I probably need to.


Elroy said...

Fantastic show. It's all as good as the clip.

Gummo said...

Modern Family is easily the best new sitcom since The Big Bang.

Funny without jabbing you in the ribs, sentimental without being cloying. The only jarring note is the clueless tries-to-hard-to-be-hip Dad. They need to tone him down just a jot.

The rest of the cast is perfect.

And it includes the stunning Sofia Vergara. Mrow.

Alex said...

Love this.

And who knew Edward Norton could be funny?

TMink said...

Work Till You're Musclebound was kind of funny. The rest of those guys, not as much.


Ken J said...

Before I watched the show, I was skeptical. After all, it had the Dad from "Maried With Children." I was expecting the same dreck.

But Gummo and Elroy are right - easily the best new show of the season. The gay couple/dads Mitchell and Cameron are hilarious. And Cameron is always good for a good suprise (I won't spoil them - go on Hulu and catch up now!).

Wendy said...

But is it funnier than "The Jersey Shore"?

Yes, I'm kidding.

Noam Sane said...

I, too, bought a ticket to the world. But now I've come back again. Because it sucked.