Monday, October 25, 2010

Live From DaytonOhio, France -- Part Deux!!!

From 1966, please enjoy the pre-cosmic Moody Blues, featuring original frontman Denny Laine, and the oh-so-sad-and-beautiful lover's lament "Boulevard de la Madeleine."

I've loved that song with a passion since I first heard it on an import Moody's compilation LP in 1972, and I still think it's the best pastiche of French pop in all of post-Beatles rock. So you can imagine how cool it was for me to pose on the very street Laine was pouring his heart out about at long last. Sentimental old fluff that I am.

That picture's from last year, BTW, but the passage of time since then has dimmed my youthful Groucho-ness not one whit, or so I like to think.


TMink said...

Very nice sounding mp3! Wonderful arrangement and song. I would not have recognized this as Denny Laine. But then I read he is part Gypsy and part French. Fun song.

Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary said...

"Fenniman - bring in the next guest. Okay. Say the Magic Word & win a hundred dollars."

Wish we had a video of that guy, Sleven Nimels, doing his Groucho bit back at Post.

Anonymous said...

what a cool song. While its pre-cosmic Moody Blues as you noted, it still has that dangerous-to-leave-alone-with-an-orchestra sound that was just around the corner for them.

Enjoy the land of cafe and croissants!


steve simels said...

Laine is part Gypsy/French? I had no idea...

Tres cool, however.

Anonymous said...

French and gypsy? Who knew?

Bonne anniversaire et bon voyage, Monsewer Simels! xoxo klg