Friday, October 29, 2010

Words Fail Me (An Occasional Series): Post-Paris Beatles Edition

I'm still running on vacation time here, folks, so indulge me once again. In any case, this is definitely good for a mordant chuckle or two.

The Fabs, at a certain age.

Hey -- it could have come to this in real life.

Although the really dark fantasy I used to have was Jim Morrison if he hadn't croaked in that Parisian bathtub. Can you imagine that poor SOB, fat and fifty, still trying to pour himself into those leather pants and do those Nijinsky leaps onstage?

In any case, serious postings (or as serious as they ever are) resume on Monday.

[h/t Andy "Folk Rock" Pasternack]

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Anonymous said...

all i can say is hahahahahahahahaha!

TMink said...

We never took no drugs, not even one.


Trey said...

You see the movie Jim Morrison Last Day?
You can see at
It's very strange.
What you think?

steve simels said...

What's really strange is that when I go there I'm seeing an ad for Andrew Cuomo.

FD13NYC said...

Morrison, actually fat, long bearded and bloated at 67 gargling out Riders On The Storm, even worse.

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully funny, and maybe we're lucky we never had to see this day.


dave™© said...

MAD did a bit on the Beatles in their old age around 1971, IIRC. Lennon was a bald minister.