Thursday, December 09, 2010

And Speaking of Big Star...

....if you're gonna be in the Chicago area next Wednesday, you definitely should check this out.

On 12/15, Schubas Tavern in Chicago presents:

You Get What You Deserve -- A Tribute to Big Star

Steve Frisbie (Frisbie)
John San Juan (The Hushdrops)
Tom Szidon (The Joypoppers)
Mike Zelenko (Material Issue)

It’s been a rough year for Big Star fans. Alex Chilton’s untimely death was a shocking loss felt deeply by many. The subsequent death of Andy Hummel only further drove it home – the band so many of us loved was gone. (Long live Jody Stephens!) United by a sense of loss and a desire to celebrate their beloved Big Star, Steve Frisbie, John San Juan, Tom Szidon and Mike Zelenko will take the stage and pour their hearts into some of the best songs you ever heard.

Energetic poplords Village will perform first. DJ poseur will spin before and between the bands.
$8 adv/$10 door
21 and over
Sounds like a pretty cool tribute, especially if Mike Zelenko's involved; if you stop by, tell 'em PowerPop sent you.

Meanwhile, here's an utterly fab Big Star performance -- from the Leno show in '94, it's Alex and Jody (along with Jon and Ken from The Posies) and "In the Street."

One presumes there will be a version of this to be heard on the 15th as well.


TMink said...

Great performance! Wow he was singing sweetly and without irony. How often did that happen??

Great guitar too.

Man I miss him.


steve simels said...

Isn't that a great clip? I had it on an old VHS I taped at the time, but it only just turned up on YouTube recently.

Anonymous said...

This song seems to recapitulate all of post-Mersey/pre-Heavy Metal pop music in under three minutes. Genius.


allen vella said...

God, I love that man..missed