Tuesday, December 07, 2010

And Speaking of Gorgeous...

...from his 1993 DIY album Swimming Lesson, please enjoy power pop should-be-a-legend Rob Laufer and the original version of his spine-tinglingly beautiful "This is Our Life."

Incidentally, this was recorded on a home eight-track, which still amazes me. Laufer redid it, pretty much note for note, for his bigger-budgeted 1995 major label album Wonderwood (one of the truly great records of its decade, incidentally) but this one just has a certain extra little something the otherwise estimable remake lacks. IMHO.


FD13NYC said...

Truly a great song! Listened to it 4 times already!!

Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary said...

Outstanding! I posted a link to PowerPop on FB this morning so the world (or my little corner of it) can hear it.


Jon said...

That was, um, wonderful.


DB said...

I've got some Rob Laufer on my iPod but I don't have this.

I will by the time the sun goes down, thought.

He's so, so good. He should be filling arenas.

Faze said...

So-o-o-o good. I love way the first note of the guitar break comes swooping out of the vocal at the end the end of the phrase "start all over again."

steve simels said...

One of the reasons I stopped playing guitar for years is because I realized I'd never be able to sound like the ones on this record.

TMink said...

That is truly sublime.

Rob is new to me.


His voice sounds like a mixture of Lindsey Buckingham and Jeff Lyne. Better than either.