Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The Kitty With the Atom Brain II

Well, I'm afraid there's some breaking bad news in the saga of Ollie, the World's Most Radioactive Pussycat©.

If you were with us a year ago, you may recall that we told you that the little fella had come through his thyroid therapy with flying colors.

That was true enough at the time; however, as you can see from this just taken photograph, there seem to have been late-developing side effects of a devolutionary nature.

Surgery to remove that weird growth on his head is scheduled for next week; we'll keep you posted, and please keep your fingers crossed.


Brooklyn Girl said...

Would it be too gauche to send this as my holiday card this year?

Anonymous said...

No, would be perfection: Radioactive Ollie puts the jolly in the holidays...

We are MEOW!

Gummo said...

BG, I will be very angry with you if you DON'T.

Brooklyn Girl said...

I may add a little tree on top.