Monday, October 20, 2014

A Staggering Work of Heartbreaking Genius

[This comment, by reader Penny Podium, appeared, mysteriously, over the weekend on my Friday Paul Revere and the Raiders thread; I reprint it here, verbatim, in case you missed it. And for obvious reasons, if you know what I mean. -- S.S.]

I agree, Steve. Paul Revere and the band are the absolute best. Paul Simon said that every generation throws a hero up the pop charts. Why not throw up on the 1960s?

Back in 1978 I was tooling around in Malibu with Sean Tyla, who at the time was seeing a sorority sister of mine, Royelle, a sharpie I called Roy, for Roy Rogers, because she was always hot on the Trigger, when Sean introduced me to Deke Leonard, then on one of his Iceberg tours. Deke, whose real name is Roger, and whose friends called him Lil, but everyone knew him as Nanu Nanu, because of his fondness for Pam Dawber, showed me a test pressing copy of the Paul Revere’s Country Wine album, signed by Paul and Mark and the rest of the band, which I offered to buy from Deke for 6 ounces of high-quality Hawaiian dooba-dooba. While we were negotiating we wandered over to the Sandcastle, a bar run by Randy California’s uncle, Randy Wolfe, where we proceeded to drink ourselves under the table, and where Deke confessed to me his undying love (Oh, Deke, you rascal!), and that his former band, Man, consisted of hash eating interstellar travelers from the Ford Galaxy.

I left Deke under the table, which was a fabulous laminated teak number with mother-of-pearl inserts that matched the earrings worn by an old roommate of mine, Debbie, who you Steve may know from a number of big budget action based soft porn musicals from the 70s (you may recall Debbie Does Gershwin), and who acted under the name Dubbie, which she pronounced Debbie, but others thought was spoken as Dubby. Debbie and I had a routine where we would go to any one of a number of Malibu bars, including my favorite among them, The Hangout, where I would often find Darryl Hickman, Dwayne’s brother, and where I would refer to Debbie as Dubbie, and she would then purse her lips, cross her arms beneath her breasts, put one leg up over her head in an Durvasanana yoga pose, and then angrily correct my pronunciation of her name ….. while I walked around whichever bar we were in and picked the pockets of male patrons while Debbie, who possessed the best legs this side of the Colorado, held the attention of everyone in the bar, as well as her pose, for however long it took to pick up a few hundred bucks of partying cash.

Oh ….. such sweet times! We were soooooooo hungry for those good times!

Brian Wilson, you’re my real God! And God Only Knows Why!

-- Penny Podium

Attending the Coppertone Regatta in Santa Barbara, named after the early Eastern Orthodox martyr, Barbara, who lived in third century Nicomedia. Known lovingly as the patron saint of sailing, she was one sexy martyr, and my type of gal.

Just Like Me by Paul Revere and the Raiders

Just Like Me by Paramour

Just Like Me by Jamie Foxx

A Girl Like Me by Rihanna

God Gave Rock and Roll To Me by Kiss

Old Man River Me by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein

Old Man by Neil Young and Oscar Hammerstein

Where Is My Man by Eartha Kitt

Any Man Can Be A Fool by Rare Eartha Kitt

10/18/2014 3:13 PM

I should add that the charmingly yclept Ms. Podium's name-checking of C-list rock star shlubs Sean Tyla...

...and Deke Leonard...

...just may be the cream of the jest.


The Phantom Creep said...

Hmm. That prose style seems oddly familiar...

Kid Charlemagne said...

Hey Suzy Creamcheese, what's go into you?

steve simels said...

Ms. Podium -- if you're out there, please e-mail me when you get a chance.

Brooklyn Girl in Queens said...

Priceless. Well-deserving of a Power Pop Lifetime Achievement No Prize .

Anonymous said...

It's much too late for glue and screwdrivers. Just thought I'd let you know that this week marks the 45th Anniversary of the Lemon Song. A good reason to head for Blighty. That, and 10cc of a Seven-per-cent Solution.

Vickie Rock - Deke's New Nose is Fabulous

Anonymous said...

I think I had that Sean Tyla album briefly; it had an intriguing cover back when you would buy an album for a cover.

Voxtron said...

I don't get it.