Thursday, October 09, 2014

Your Thursday Moment of Words Fail Me

A new BBC Music ad. I will confess to having actually wept by the end.

Sure, I know it's a stunt -- essentially an updated three minute version of "We Are the World." But the song remains a work of genius, and some of the cameos -- Brian May and his guitars, Chrissie Hynde, living saint Dave Grohl(!) -- are to die for. I also loved Stevie Wonder's brief harmonica bit.

Have I mentioned Brian Wilson is God?

[h/t KLG]


wayne fraizer said...

Won..Won Wonderful

Brooklyn Girl in Queens said...

Dave Grohl is indeed a living saint, if just for "Sound City" alone ---

And is it me or is Lorde off-key?

Anonymous said...

Three good things about this: no Bieber, Taylor Swift or John Mayer.

I guess Paul wasn't available. Too bad. Seems like Brian's voice was treated, btw.

If Dave Grohl is a saint, then I guess Brian Wilson must be God.

My daughter showed this to me on her cell phone yesterday. She was impressed more than I was. But, for what it is, it could be a lot worse. So kudos.

Vickie Rock - I'll make you so sure about it

richard_thunderbay said...

A list of all the participants can be found here...

Dave said...

The highlights for me: the too-short contribution of Chrissie Hynde and Stevie Wonder's harmonica.

Dave F.

steve simels said...

What Dave said.

Jim G said...

Agree completely about Hynde, Wonder and Grohl and the absence of Swift. Don't think Bieber would have done it even if the producers would have had the bad taste to want him. And of course, the song. Always glad to be reminded how great the song and Brian Wilson are, while he is still with us.