Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Return of the Son of Closed For Monkey Business

Trying to avoid matricide today. Assuming I'm successful, regular posting -- scout's honor -- resumes tomorrow.


John Werner said...

Funny. Hope you get through the storm. Speaking of funny I'm writing this on my screen porch in North Alabama (got hear so I can smoke a cigar and have a brew simultaneously at home without offense)looking out at a full 9-inches of snow! That's really funny

Hey, Steve...Is there anywhere I can read archived old Stereo Reviews on line? I absolutely loved the mag and read it from the age of about 11 or 12. It got so much better for a young kid like me when you took over from Joel Vance because of your like interests and passion. I mean we never heard Shoes in Alabama for instance. When I was just in the second grade I used to draw the Beatles on stage with VOX amps. Your love of the British Invasion and aggressive pop grabbed me by the jugular. You, sir, immediately became my favorite rock reviewer and I thank you for your blog.

John Werner said...

Suppose to say: "got heat"

steve simels said...

John -- thanks so much for the kind words.

Given that a lot of my stuff from back then strikes as a bit embarrassing, I'm relieved that there actually isn't an online archive of Stereo Review. I have, however, reprinted some pieces that don't make me cringe here at the blog over the years, and what I'll do is post some links next week.

If I forget, feel free to noodge me.