Thursday, February 05, 2015

Thursday Floor Models News

So I got a royalty check from CD Baby yesterday, which means Floor Your Love is still, inexplicably, selling, and ain't that a kick in the pants.

More to the point, when I looked at our account over there, I discovered that a physical copy of the CD had been purchased by somebody on the Continent just the other week. So I e-mailed to ask a) who they were; b) how did they hear about the record; and c) if they liked it, would they be interested in a free copy of the improved re-release version on Australia's ZERO HOUR RECORDS?

Here's the quite wonderful reply I got.

Hi Steve:

So great to hear about you.

Well, my name is Joaquin Lopez and I live in Madrid (Spain).

By pure chance I got to your GREAT music via CD BabY distribution. I checked the samples and I take notice about your great power pop and topnotch Rickenbacker sound. As well, the cover design and album title were a gimmick/ homage to The Yardbirds' "For your love" album.

The band's attitude were very close to legendary names like early Byrds, Searchers, Flamin' Groovies or The Records. And the tracks "Let her go" and "Are you here or are you gone" are classic stuff. But the whole album is terrific.

Thanks for your kind offer.
Sincerely from a Spanish fan and friend

Needless to say, this made me completely verklempt, and I dispatched him a copy of Floor Your Love Mark II pronto.

BTW, I found a bunch of really great Flo Mos tracks in the vaults recently, and I am currently compiling an EP -- titled "Letter From Liverpool," after the last song that Andy and Gerry wrote together (it was completed in 2013, although it was conceived during the early '80s), which we'll be putting out on our own label sometime before the summer. Here's a rough of the cover (courtesy of my beautiful and brilliant art director girlfriend)....

...and a teaser track (note the sitar samples from The Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows.")

And, of course -- thank you, Joaquin. You made my week. Hell, so far you've made my year.

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Ken J Xenozar said...

That letter made me verklempt for you. If that even makes sense...