Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Your Tuesday Moment of Words Fail Me (Special 2015 Grammy Edition)

You know, I thought Annie Lennox pretty much stole Sunday's awards show with her performance of Screamin' Jay Hawkins' "I Put a Spell On You"...

...but let's face it: The original, as Dobie Gray famously sang, is still the greatest.

Seriously, Annie -- when you've got the stones to sing the song with a bone in your nose, get back to me.

Also, re: the Grammy show, I have one other observation. To wit:

Miranda Lambert? How is she even a thing?

Jeebus H. Christ in a chicken basket -- that isn't even up to the level of a decent bar band. I mean, we're talking epically, irredeemably talentless.


buzzbabyjesus said...

What I always say about the Grammy's, and it's true, is:

The last time I watched them was to see Paul McCartney receive one on behalf of The Beatles for "Let It Be".

Music I listen to is always in short supply over there.

Shriner said...

I always watch the Grammy's but this year was a bit duller than most. There was no "Royals" or "Get Lucky" that made it interesting. "FourFiveSeconds" came close, but not anthemic.

ELO was nice to see. As was Tom Jones. Gaga/Tony Bennett was fun. Beck was great -- and I really don't like Coldplay, so that was even more impressive.

Sam Smith bored me as did Madonna (forgettable song) and Beyonce.

And AC/DC had pitch/key problems, I thought.

As such, I liked this year less than others -- and I'm not sure why.

cthulhu said...

ELO appeared at the Grammys?! Does this mean that Jeff Lynne and Bev Bevan have reconciled?

As far as "I Put A Spell On You", there's a great slow version (I know, sounds oxymoronic, but really) from Tim Curry's second solo album from the early '80s.

steve simels said...

Bev was not there.

Shriner said...

Richard Tandy was, though!

Anonymous said...

What? You really are doing a Grammy Wrap Up?

WTF is the deal with Pharrell? Why was he dressed like the sidekick of an organ grinder?

My daughter started laughing when Annie Lennox began singing. This was due to her weird facial expressions. My daughter, a big Hozier fan, asked me who she was? I used the pause feature on the DVR to fill her in. When the Hawkins cover was over my daughter said, "Wow! She sure stole Hozier's gig! What a bitch!"

With regard to Miranda Lambert, who needs talent when you've got flashpots and a snug leather outfit? Maybe next year she'll be spitting blood and wagging her tongue. To be sure Little Red Wagon is a silly cutesy song which she didn't bring off well at all. Audra Mae's version is much better. But at least she's better than that "nothing" little cunt Taylor Swift, whose popularity I've never been able to figure out. "Shake It Off" is total shit even by Taylor Swift standards. And to further their reputation, NARAS nominates crap like this for Record of the Year. Swift looked like a fuckin' bean-pole in that awful blue gown, BTW.

Lambert seems to be a darling of the critics as well. Lord, Christgau gave her latest album an "A". The fix must be in.

ELO was cool and sounded great with and without Shearen. Don't know if Paulie's dancing to them was staged or not, but it was kinda cute. He got to be the asshole in the front row who wouldn't sit down for a change.

Jessie J was a letdown and couldn't hold her own with Tom Jones. Paul's performance with Kanye was little more than being a prop. Was his mic even on? AC/DC, who I never liked, has been really embarrassing for years. The "new" song (which sounds like all the others) sucks and the old one has really worn thin. Brian Johnson has no stage presence whatsoever. But the glowing devil horns for the audience were kinda cool. Wonder if they got to keep them.

Imagine Dragons were Horrible Upon Horrible. Mary J. Blige sucked. Rihanna impressed me. Kanye is a rotten singer. John Mayer didn't bug me that bad. Gwen Stefani was better than I expected. Adam Levine needs to be executed. And while we're at it, let's off that cloying Sam Smith as well. I'll take Rod & the Faces "Stay With Me" over his anyday. Plus, his two suits were awful. They didn't even fit right besides being ugly and tasteless. I thought Nancy Boys were supposed to have fashion sense. Beyonce is amazing in every way, but I'd never buy any of her shit. She's just real good at what she does. Katy Perry was better and sexier than at the Super Bowl. But would people care that much if she didn't have those tits? Madonna was as predictable as a tired old whore turning a cut-rate detached trick while hoping to steal your wallet.

And what about that harp player during the Stevie Wonder tribute? Usher pulled it off quite nicely. Wonder trying to do Fingertips at the end kinda blew the mood. Looks like he lost a bit of weight though.

They forgot a lot of folks on the death reel, or did I miss them? Scott Asheton, Rick the Bass Player, Dick Wagner, Steve Fromholz, Joan Rivers, Billy Rath, Alvin Stardust, Ray Kennedy, Franny Beecher, Jake Hooker, Jerry Lacroix, Oderus Urungus, John Spinks, Larry Ramos, Paul Goddard to name a few.

As far as Screamin' Jay Hawkins goes, I'll see you at the Feast of the Mau Mau where I dance and romance for 90 days. It's a test for the best who stays.:-)

Vickie Rock

cthulhu said...

Sorry, if Bev Bevan wasn't there, it wasn't ELO. Now get off my lawn!

ESciGuy said...

Gotta disagree on this one. I've always viewed Screamin' Jay's original as a novelty song. Give me CCR's version any day of the week, Sunday included. Rarely have I heard a song so menacing. IPASOY should be full of menace. In Jay's hands, it's comedy.

Anonymous said...

ESciGuy said...
Gotta disagree on this one. I've always viewed Screamin' Jay's original as a novelty song.

Well, since he wrote it, he really had the license to do it any way he wanted ---