Tuesday, July 21, 2015

You Know, Some Days Life Really IS Worth Living

To wit, the Undead will walk the earth once more.

And perform one of the most magnificent rock albums of all time live, in its entirety.

The official announcement by The Zombies:

USA, this has been a long time coming.

It has been 5 decades since the original Zombies' line-up last toured the States. Our final album together was released in 1968, but we never got a chance to perform it live for our American fans.

Starting on September 30th in Dallas, that is all going to change!!!!

That's right! The Zombies are returning to the USA, and bringing some special friends - the incredible Chris White and Hugh Grundy - to perform "Odessey & Oracle" in it's entirety! The original line-up (minus the sorely-missed Paul Atkinson) will join the current line-up for a very special evening of Zombies music, past and present. Whether you missed us in the 1960's, or just discovered us yesterday, we hope you can join us on this journey today!

Here's a sneak peek at the tour schedule (and we hope to add a couple shows more if we can!). Stay tuned for ticket information - most shows will go on sale this week.

According to their Facebook page, these are the current tour dates.

Sept 30 - Majestic Theatre, Dallas TX
Oct 1 - Paramount Theatre, Austin TX
Oct 3 - Provincetown Town Hall, Provincetown MA
Oct 6 - The Wilbur Theatre, Boston MA
Oct 8 - Lincoln Theatre, Washington DC
Oct 9 - New York Society For Ethical Culture - Concert Hall, New York NY
Oct 10 - Rhode Island Center for Performing Arts - Park Theatre, Cranston RI
Oct 11 - Keswick Theatre, Glenside (Philadelphia) PA
Oct 13 - The Ridgefield Playhouse, Ridgefield CT
Oct 14 - Carnegie of Homestead Music Hall, Munhall (Pittsburgh) PA
Oct 15 - The Kent Stage, Kent (Cleveland) OH
Oct 16 - Star Plaza Theatre, Merrillville (Chicago) IL
Oct 17 - South Milwaukee PAC, South Milwaukee WI
Oct 19 - Paramount Theatre, Denver CO
Oct 21 - Benaroya Hall - S.Mark Taper Foundation Auditorium, Seattle WA
Oct 22 - Revolution Hall, Portland OR
Oct 24 - The Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills (Los Angeles) CA
Oct 27 - The Fillmore, San Francisco CA

This is such breaking news that apparently it's not on their official website yet. I'll keep you posted as things develop.

UPDATE: You can order tickets over HERE.


buzzbabyjesus said...

I have it, and I've tried, but I mostly don't "get" that album in the same way I don't "get" Pet Sounds.

I like "Cell 44" and "Brief Candles".

Anonymous said...

They need more then one show in the NYC area!

Captain Al

Brooklyn Girl in Queens said...

They're playing The Fillmore in San Francisco.


Billy B said...

How cool. Colin Blunstone is one of my favorite singers.

steve simels said...

Mine too.

Mark said...

Like BBJ, I didn't get ODESSEY AND ORACLE either. I even managed to find a copy of The Chrysanthemums version of ODESSEY, which I think Steve pointed to within the last year or so, and I didn't get that one either. Why? I couldn't tell you. But Blunstone's Epic albums are very nice, and there's a 3-CD set, "Collected," of Blunstone's stuff that's very nice as well. And his singing on TELL HER NO and SHE'S NOT THERE is as good as it gets. MIX Magazine recently had a great article on the recording of SHE'S NO THERE at http://www.mixonline.com/news/classic-tracks/classic-tracks-she-s-not-there-zombies/424710.

I saw Blunstone and Rod Argent at B.B. King's in Manhattan approximately 7 or 8 years ago (they played there again last year in August), and Blunstone had 90% of his mid-1960s voice and Argent appeared to be having a blast. Great sound at B.B. King's, too

pete said...

The only Southern state they're playing is Texas. The only Midwestern states are Ohio, Illinois, and Wisconsin. I haven't seen anything that better illustrates the terrible divide in our society and culture.

Mr. Minimac said...

I also had the pleasure of catching them back in 2008 and was thrilled when they touched on at least 2/3 of Odessey. (Yeah, spell check we all know that it's wrong.) Mark has it about right with Colin B. @ 90% but Rod Argent is just a freaking force of nature. I will definitely be hitting the road to catch one of these.

Anonymous said...

GO SEE THEM! Colin Blunstone's voice is still gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

One Year and Ennismore are precious to me. Odessey and Oracle is indispensable. Blunstone is the epitome of rich, smooth and tasteful. Have seen these guys in varying configurations since 2003.

I saw them ages ago on some silly Dick Clark Caravan of Stars tour where everyone got to do a few numbers. Few being operative. Del Shannon and the Shangri-Las were on the package too. It was at place called Melodyland which was across from Disneyland.

The 2003 show at the Coach House shocked me at how great they were. I went with an old photographer friend who shot me a lot in the 70's. He had taken some great pix of Argent in concert in the early 70's and brought a few to give to Rod. Mr. Argent couldn't believe the quality of the shots. He was excited and asked if we had anymore of the rest of the band. I pointed out that he had a hole in the crotch of his pants on the keyboard shots. He cracked up. Blunstone was fully on for that show.

BTW, Argent shoulda been mentioned in yesterday's keyboard gang bang.

Seen them a bunch of times since. Blunstone varies from show to show more than any of the others. But when he's totally on it's incredible. In 2004 they were co-billed with Arthur Lee and Love, which was an ideal billing for my way of thinking. The only bummer being that co-headlining bills always mean set lengths are shortened. Nevertheless, both bands were on. Thank God for that. With Arthur you never knew. I took my nine-year old daughter to this gig and we had a nice dinner before the show. I had indoctrinated her with the O&O album since she was about 5 years old. I taught her how to play some of the pieces on piano. That opening salvo of Care of Cell 44 and A Rose For Emily sure was a hell of a way to start an album (or concert; or a life of being into music). The album totally sucked her in and she fell in love with it. It doesn't lose its flavor. She's been spreading the word for years.

But, seriously, does anyone really think this new tour is going to be better than the 40th Anniversary video? (which is most likely doctored)

It's not gonna stop me from going though. The Saban theater is a wonderful venue.

VR, back to mischief

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