Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My Other New Favorite Song

"Trouble." The first single from Keith Richards' forthcoming solo album Crosseyed Heart.

I should add that when the acoustic guitar and chorus vocals come in near the end of the song, the effect is almost chemical.


Anonymous said...

In the old days many chemicals had that effect on you!!!!!

Evil Captain Al

Anonymous said...

I've heard the whole album via a bootleg that's been floating around the net.

Not quite as good as Talk Is Cheap. But may have highlights that exceed it, depending on your POV. Relax, "Trouble" is not the best track on the album. And the opening title track might be the worst. Don't know who's playing steel and slide but it's welcome. It's not all open G stuff, but the album, like most releases in the CD era, is too long.

I'd provide a link, but it's been shut down since I used it. Haven't had the chance to give the album many listens, therefore, my opinions are subject to change. Keith may be a show-er, but he's also a grower.


Don't miss the tour. May be the last time. I don't know.

Brooklyn Girl in Queens said...

It's Waddy Wachtel.

Anonymous said...

Larry Campbell also guests on pedal. "Robbed Blind" is my fave tune from the LP at the moment. Whatever happened to that Wachtel Kickstarter movie, btw??? Did they waste the money on blow and kiddie porn?