Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tales From the Mystic East (An Occasional Series)

Please enjoy Tokyo Jihen and their sinisterly infectious "Una Nueva Civilizacion."

I know absolutely nothing about these kids -- I posted another of their videos back in 2013 -- apart from the fact that they are totally awesome. I particularly love the guitar player with the attitude.

In any case, there's obviously some kind of power pop thing in the water over there.

[h/t Tommy Stewart]


Logan Waters said...

This woman is clearly the Debbie Harry of Tokyo!

For more fun in Japan, please enjoy not just a Japanese Stones tribute band, but a more-specific Stones USA '72 Tour tribute band.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the RoVing Stones:

(I would note that although pseudo-Jagger's performance is flat-out nuts, pseudo-Taylor mostly does a better job than Ron Wood. :)

Anonymous said...

I officially announce I getting too fucking old for this shit!

This video & music is like a bad transmission from another galaxy, I have no desire to try to connect with it. It's good, it's bad who cares. This is not how I want to spend my entertainment dollar. Not lost in translation but lost to "who cares"!

Fuck "Cute", fuck Power Pop", but most of all fuck this younger generation who has no idea why I avoided the draft. Grace Slick spent her best years in rehab for these kids and they don't care.

Bring back the draft, that'll wise up these young whipper snappers! Maybe bring back Nixon also. Let the youngsters see what it was like to live life under true oppression!

Capt. Al

Mark said...

Infectious. And I'm reminded how much more seriously I'm taken when I've got an energetic and choreographed cheerleading team behind me while making a point.

Ken J Xenozar said...

That is fun. Nothing amps up the tension like three key modulations methinks. Great attitude and hot lead singer.

steve simels said...

Capt Al:

Dude, I love you like the gay brother I never had, but in the immortal words of Mick Jagger -- you should relax is my impression.


Shriner said...

I give props to the key modulations and that's about it -- whatever happened to that in pop music?

There's a subject for a Listomania -- Top 5 songs with a key change...

Anonymous said...

I prefer Puffy AmiYumi (maybe because Americans are involved). One really needs to get her weed whacker out when dealing with J-Pop. Often, too cute. And the flavor doesn't last. But there is some worthwhile shit.


Anonymous said...

Not being a musician (except in my dreams) would someone please explain what key modulations are and is this a reason why I should take the video and music more seriously.

Capt. Al

Anonymous said...

Capt. Al: They are key changes. They can be either tacky or wonderful. Just because a song has key changes, doesn't make it great, by any means. And they don't really make the tune more complex. Think of Mellenhead's "I Need a Lover" which Pat Bean-eater covered. There are lots of key changes in that one. It's excessive and ridiculous.

Plus the formula key changes for the so called big finish in pop songs is overused and can be extremely hokey. You see alot of that shit on American Idol. Penny Lane incorporates one at the end. Some of the most popular songs of the Capt. Al era use them. Examples: While My Guitar Gently Weeps; Stairway To Heaven; Bohemian Rhapsody; Can't You Hear Me Knocking, even My Generation. Lots of prog bands have field days with them. Brian Wilson understands how to use them tastefully. Bottom line, it doesn't matter if you understand how they work or the terminology. It's whether or not you like what you're hearing.

Most Asian rock is insufferably wannabe stuff. But there are some exceptions. Still, I would never sleep with an Asian dude.

VR - Shooter Jennings was cool tonight. I gave him discs of four Waylon shows I taped at The Crazy Horse in Santa Ana eons ago. The stage chat and interplay with the 200 capacity audience is priceless. Plus on one of the later shows, a killer version of Deep In the West with Jessi. Shooter seemed stoked. Made me happy.