Monday, August 24, 2015

Your Monday Moment of the Magnificence That IS Lucy Lawless

The Xena Warrior Princess star, skewering Stevie Nicks as she has always deserved to be skewered.

I'll never listen to "Rhiannon" the same way again, which I assume is a good thing.


Brooklyn Girl in Queens said...

Lawless is priceless.

FD13NYC said...

That is funny!

Anonymous said...

Lucy looks Fwicking Tired! She coulda been a contender on SNL!

Capt. Al

Anonymous said...

More twirling! Stevie should have taken the concept and ran with it. She digs Mexican food. She and Lindsey first met with the McVie's and Mick Fleetwood about the possibility of joining the band at a Mexican eatery.

I ran into Stevie a couple of times during extremely low points in her life. Once, she was with two female assistants who were basically propping her up on those ridiculous heels. And she was fat as a hippo. May 1993 was the time frame on that one. It was some charity event at the Director's Guild. Me and Sandy had been surfing nearby and changed clothes at the Thrifty Drug Store next door.

We met a few famous people. Graham Nash couldn't keep his hands off Sandy. Apparently he left the wifey at home. Now there's someone who needs a good skewering. We took a smoke break outside with Stevie and her attendees. She was fucked out of her mind on benzos. Barely coherent and bordering on paranoia. We were kinda shocked.


Anonymous said...

Writing this just so VR doesn't get the last word. Although I bet my last dollar that she responds. She just can't help herself.