Friday, August 28, 2015

Tales From the Mystic East (An Occasional Series): Special Radies and Gentermen, It's the RoVing Stones!

As I said yesterday, not only do words fail me, but language itself is hopelessly inadequate to describe the below.

I'll say this, though -- I don't know how it got to be Japan week around here. Probably something to do with the recent anniversary of Hiroshima.

See you all on Monday, with fewer filthy Eastern ways.


Logan Waters said...

Steve, as a reader who received so much enjoyment from your monthly Stereo Review columns in the 70s, it's my pleasure to have a chance to turn you on to some new, um, music (?) for a change. :)

And I know what everyone's thinking... if Japan has a Stones tribute band of that stultifying quality, dare we hope for a Who tribute band as well?

You dare. I especially like transgender John Entwistle, complete with red cowboy hat (!) and 1970 JE skeleton outfit. (How they convinced Sammy Hagar to join is anyone's guess...)

steve simels said...

Logan -- you're killing me, and I mean that in a good way.

Anonymous said...

As much fun as we make of these knuckleheads I have to say they are having the time of their lives on stage and I'm envious!

Capt. Al

Anonymous said...

Sometimes a fine line between dream and delusion.

Re: Mushu Who - I got the boots, but I want the rest of Lotus Blossom's outfit sans the hat.


Anonymous said...

Oh, it's also the 45th anniversary of Top Ramen.


Anonymous said...

The Japanese artist I'm about to mention is not a tribute act, although his stuff will probably remind you of a well-known American 60s instrumental band. You definitely need to check out Takesi Terauchi, who did a bunch of Ventures-style instrumentals in the 60s and SHREDS on guitar. Ace Records in the U.K. has a set out on him called NIPPON GUITARS (available on CD or LP) and you can listen to clips of the songs on their web-site ( You'll thank me later.

J. Lag

Anonymous said...

WTF, my ex, a guitarist of astonishing ability and knowledge [aside from being a coke dealer], taught me one of this guy's songs called Sa No Sa. He used it as a warm-up when beginning a practice session to keep his chops up. Don't know fuck all about anything else involving Takeshi. But I still play that number when I'm fucking around on my Squier.


Anonymous said...

VR -

Dreams, delusions: when it comes to rock & roll what's the difference?

I use to manage Simels band "The Hounds" back in the '70's, a perfect example of both at the same time as my dreams for the band were total delusion!

Capt. Al

Peter Power Pop said...

J. Lag:

Here are direct links to the Takesi Terauchi album, Nippon Guitars, on the Ace Records website...



Anonymous said...

Capt. Al:

Every band has its true believers. One of the band's I was in for a while had a roadie named Larry. He was still a high school kid and would literally do anything for us. We were gods and goddesses to him. He was impossible to take seriously. Such an innocent.

Sadly, we took advantage of him and made him a total gofer. Sometimes I'd allow him to remove my shoes and massage my feet. Other times I'd throw him my panties for keepsakes. I set him up with his first lay. A hot, leather clad, chick lead singer from a local metal band. She had a stage name that was in very bad taste, nevertheless, apropos.

Larry was a nice kid. He didn't have much else going on in his life besides us. I kept that in mind.

For us it was about the fun and licks. But Larry believed in us. No matter how delusional and vacuous it was. Kinda sweet.