Friday, August 07, 2015

Your Friday Moment of Sadly True

Have a great weekend, everybody.

[h/t Geo3rge]


Gummo said...

... are you sure the 'crippling self-doubt' slice is big enough ?

pete said...

Child prodigies. OOoooh, scary.

Anonymous said...

For a neurotic classical musician, maybe.

Where's the slice for summoning inspiration by bombarding the senses with an endless frenzy of exultation? Or doing various types of surgery on the gear.

If you wanna break up a band, ... practice:-).


GLLinMO said...

The life of an "artiste". Good thing you're loved by all, even if low self esteem prevents the realization.

I'd think it would beat the cynicism of being a journalist.

Get well soon!

Mark said...

A neighbor of mine had a child described as a prodigy. Walking at six months. Reading at twenty months. Read Dante's Inferno at thirty months. Learned to play the piano at three. At eight he was able to diaper himself.