Wednesday, September 16, 2015

And Speaking (As We Were Last Week) of Great Beatles Covers...

...from 1995, please enjoy Emmylou (a Goddess) Harris and her live version of "For No One."

Two thoughts.

1. The guy who wrote this song was in his early twenties at the time. Words fail me.

2. If I was Gram Parsons, and I knew that Emmylou was in love with me, I would have tried not to kill myself.


Ken J Xenozar said...

"The guy who wrote this song was in his early twenties at the time". Now that I am probably twice the age of that guy, I find this fact one of the most amazing thing about the Beatles. They were confident and wise in their musical choices and writing beyond any sort of reasonable expectation (well, ok there were some duds and "experiments").

I wonder who was playing dobro on that track...

Anonymous said...

Hello, please remain seated,

Mr. Simels...regarding your points:
1)Yes, words fail. Seeing someone play the guitar better than me can make me feel a little inadequate. Realizing that Maccca wrote this song at 24 year, makes me proud to be part of the species.
2)preach it, bruvvah. Gram...poor bastard.

Ken...too lazy and time constrined to google, but it might be Jerry Douglas?

Anonymous said...

yeah, it's a young(er) Jerry Douglas.

Parsons was married at the time he was touring with Emmylou. awkward.

Anonymous said...

Is there supposed to be a live video with the music? I'm just getting a still shot.

This is from the wonderful Transatlantic Sessions originally broadcast in the UK.

Band includes: Aly Bain, Jay Ungar, Jerry Douglas, Molly Mason, Davy Spillane and Russ Barenberg.

Here's a link to the video, hope it works:


Anonymous: Not only was Parsons married to Gretchen at the time, but Emmylou also had a boyfriend. That boyfriend, Tom Guidera, co-wrote "Hearts On Fire" with Walter Egan, which appeared on the lauded Grievous Angel LP. The relationship between Parsons and Harris was supposedly platonic, but you'd never know by the way they harmonized. I believe they both put each other on the map. Harris was with Guidera when she got the news about Gram's death.

BTW, I met Emmylou on several occasions and she was always very friendly and gracious. Phil Kaufman was with her a couple of those times. I used to kid him that he looks more and more like Rip Taylor the older he gets. He's definitely a most interesting man. From what little I've seen of him, I like him a lot.

Once at a soundcheck for a multi-artist benefit show at the Roxy, Emmylou sat next to me. Her chubby daughter was there too. The child she was carrying on the original Gliding Bird cover, thus the long robe. Emmylou signed my copy of that album for me at Tower Records when doing an in-store performance there in the mid-1990's. She came by taxi. No frills.

So at the Roxy I'm admiring her boots. I ask her who did them for her. She asked me what size I wore and I told her size 8. It turned out to be the same size as hers. She, tells me to hold on, then goes back stage. She comes back and gives me a gorgeous pair of boots saying that she thought they'd look good on me. She absolutely refused to take the money I offered for them. Needless to say, I only wear them on very special occasions.

And this was at least a decade before Janis Ian wrote that jive C&W song about "Boots Like Emmylou's." I got that shit covered, sister.


Anonymous said...

more 12 year old nips!