Monday, September 28, 2015

Apparently It's Actually True -- We Really ARE Living in the End Times

Scenes from the Apocalypse, late September 2015 edition.

Somehow, the immortal words of Daffy Duck come to mind.


Anonymous said...

Hello, please remain seated,

Really? On a Monday morning you hadda play that? Who within the Stones camp pushes for this? Is it the promoter? Is it Mick? Keith...try to worry less about the pre-game Shepherd's Pie and more about who's on yer frickin' stage.

This would try even the Buddha's patience.

(feeling very cranky about my musical heroes these days. Keith's new album? What is the word I'm looking for...? Blows! Yes, that's it. Keith's new album blows.)

Brooklyn Girl in Queens said...

Okay, that's pathetic, on every level. What's next: he's going to sing it with Mylie Cyrus?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the machine. That bland little shapeless fanny is worth 200 mil. Old whores are all glomming on hoping to stay "relevant". It's show-biz, not religion. And, let's be clear, Mick, like Steven Tyler, Alison Krauss and Leona Lewis, was joining Taylor on her stage, at her concert. He had to make the effort.

It was the Stones who started it a couple of years ago when they invited her on their stage to sing "As Tears Go By" with Mick. The results were, as you could imagine, quite dreadful and blasphemous. She ain't no Marianne.

VR - Hope you enjoyed the Blood Moon. I lapped it up.

Alzo said...

Oh, it's on HER stage. In that case, it's called 'buying cred.' Apparently, it's a buyer's market.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Who cares! Like Mick hasn't sold out a hundred times and we still love him. What was the official perfume of the most recent Stones tour?

Capt. Al

Mark said...

Swift and Jagger? That’s entertainment, not End Times.

Not even Ryan Adams doing a song-for-song cover of Swift’s mega-popular 1989 album on his new album, also called 1989, is a sign of anything, other than making money. I have the album, and if you like Adams, like I do, it's not bad.

And this afternoon I spent listening to HAMILTON, the original Broadway cast recording. You know, hip-hop comes to Broadway! The only thing missing is the two exclamation points following HAMILTON.

It's kind of interesting to listen to, in the same way that HAIR was interesting to listen to 50+ years ago 1. to see how far from real contemporary music a contemporary Broadway show can be, and 2. to see how close to parody a contemporary Broadway musical trying to be contemporary can be.

My memory of the Broadway show 1776 (and its late 1990s revival) is vague, but I don't think the score was in any way contemporary and was in fact standard Broadway storytelling-in-song.

Jaded? Me? No way!

Anonymous said...

Mick doesn't have to be anybody's whore. Just sayin'.

Mark said...

Hair? Not 50+ years. Only 48. My error, but dammit! It feels like more.

Brooklyn Girl in Queens said...

I hated HAIR. I hate most of those overly enthusiastic, "youth" musicals: Godspell, Jesus Christ Superstar, Rent --- HATE.

You want to see the difference between acting the part of a rock star and actually being one? Check out the documentary on bringing American Idiot to Broadway, and fast forward to the point when Billy Joe Armstrong bursts onto the stage.

Kim Dixon said...

Say, this is just like when Rudy Vallee came onstage and did a rendition of "Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries" with the Stones in '72.

Oh wait - that never happened. Rudy Vallee had more sense than to embarrass himself like that when he was 70. Rudy wrote a nastygram to Life magazine, suggesting that Mick should be locked up, instead.

Perhaps it's time.

buzzbabyjesus said...

So bad on so many levels. There is a moment, when she has the vocal, that I thought Mick might be insane.